Vietnam’s manufacturing ecosystem is changing to digitalization, intelligence manufacturing, smart factory, and Industry 4.0 through changes in the global value chain under the influence of Post-China and Pandemic. Companies with control level(related devices such as PLC) and supervisory level(HMI, SCADA) are increasing to enter the midstream of the manufacturing industry. It enables the sustainable growth of the Vietnam parts and equipment industry. These two stages are expanding through the quantitative growth of the automation and industrial automation market and it is currently leading the growth of the Vietnam automation control market.

VIAF – Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta 2023 are introduced in assisting industrial suppliers, engineering services and sub-contractors to meet with local industries’ end users, engineering companies, OEMs, sub-contractors in general manufacturing and high technological precision manufacturing. The exhibition is aiming at the maximum interaction among industry personnel from Plant & Factory Engineering, Production, Maintenance, R & D & Project Engineering , QA / QC & Lab, Safety, Environmental, Facility Management, Purchasing and other engineering related departments to get updates on technologies being applied to the industries. [Detail Brochure]

Through expert led presentation and displays, we welcome leading industrial companies from around the world and all over Vietnam to exhibits and update technologies to the growing manufacturing, process industry and quality control and R&D

In 2023, the series of VIMF will be held throughout the 3 regions of South, Middle and North of Vietnam in Binh Duong, and Bac Ninh with the participation of domestic and international enterprises with the largest scale ever now on.

We cordially would like to invite your company to participate in Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta 2023 ( VIAF) incorporating with Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) under 3 versions called Southern Chapter, Middle Chapter and Northern Chapter as detail as below:

VIAF 2023

Southern Chapter


VIAF 2023

Northern Chapter

21 – 23 June

World Trade Center ( WTC)

Binhduong, Vietnam


8 – 10 November

Kinhbac Cultural Center

Bacninh, Vietnam

With the Covid-19 pandemic occurring for about 2 years recently in Vietnam and around the world, enterpries have been facing many difficulties in developing and expanding markets. Understanding the obstacles that businesses are facing, OMG has planned to organize a series of VIAF exhibitions at key national cities in Vietnam with strong manufacturing industries, aims to help international & local manufacturers and suppliers to launch new products, meet targeted buyers, appoint agents and distributors, generate new business delegates & visitors, govt. authorities, industrial associations, international trade consulates, etc. and establish business networks

VIAF 2023 aims to introduce innovative manufacturing technologies and products to prepare for changes in the Vietnamese manufacturing ecosystem through factory automation and intelligent manufacturing and to enter the manufacturing phase of UP & MID STREAM. The exhibiting showcase of VIAF related fields:

  • Industrial Machineries, Equipment and Materials
  • Factory Automation, Process Automation, Logistic Automation, Packaging Automation
  • Smart Manufacturing, IOT, A.I, Big Data and Industry 4.0
  • Electric and Electricity
  • Energy Control
  • Motion and Drives
  • Control & Sensor Systems
  • CAD, CAM, Measuring Smart Factory
  • Robot Motion
  • Sensing Technology
  • Intelligent Logistics and Material Handling
  • Pump, Valves and Motor

Holding alongside with the high profile of these industries in the area, machine tools and metalworking, metrology and measuring tools, 3D print for additive manufacturing, sheet metalworking, software for manufacturing, tools and tooling systems, contract manufacturing, welding and coatings are brought in together to the exhibition to service the manufacturing industries.

In order to create conditions for businesses to boldly decide to participate in exhibitions more quickly and effectively, the organizers have provided promotional packages for esteem company participation in 2023. Hopefully, VIAF 2023 will be a strategic lever to help businesses bounce back after being heavily affected by Covid 19 to develop strongly and reach out further. For details of the promotion, please see below:


Who Should Attend?

● Asset Management & Enterprise Integration ● Automation Software Solutions ● Calibration & Testing Services ● Control and Automation Systems ● Building Automation ● Digital Factory Solutions ● Electric Motors, Drives & Controls ● Electrical / Electronic Components ● Embedded / Fieldbus Systemsv ● Energy Efficiency Technology ● Factory Automation ● Machine Maker ( Manufacturers) ● Industrial Communication & Networking ● Industrial Automation ● Industrial Identification, Systems Tracking ● Industrial PCs and Touchscreen Systems ● Instrumentation & Process Controls ● Laser Technology ● Measuring & Control Equipment ● Motion Controls ● Material Handling ● Plant Maintenance & Optimization ● PLC (Programmable Controller) ● Process Industry ● Power Transmission ● Pumps & Valves ● Robotic Automation ● Safety & Security ● SCADA Technology ● Sensors & Actuators ● System Integrator ● Automation Services ● Vision Systems ● Wireless Automation


General Manufacturing included: Automation Integrators ● Biomedical ● Building Automation ● Cement ● Chemical Processing ● Consumer Products Manufacturing ● Contract Manufacturing ● Cosmetics ● Electrical & Electronic ● Energy, Power & Utilities ● Feed Mill ● Fertilizer ● Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Processing ● Information / Communications ● Logistics ● Machine Makers & System Integrator ● Material Testing & Inspection ● Medical Technology ● Metal Components & Products Manufacturing ● Metal-Processing ● Mining ● Offshore ● Oil & Gas ● Oleochemical & Fats Manufacturing ● Packaging ● Paper & Printing ● Parts Manufacturing ● Petrochemical ● Pharmaceutical ● Photonics ● Plastics & Rubber ● Power Ultilities ● Pulp & Paper ● Renewable Energy ● Semiconductor & Wafer Fab ● Shipbuilding ● Solar & Renewable ● Steel Mill ● Telecommunication ● Water Treatment & Sewage ● Wood-Processing Industry



Exhibiting – A Smart Investment

  • Exhibiting at a trade fair is a cost-efficient marketing & sales channel. Within a short period, you will meet many potential customers & business partners. Visitors to VIAF are active and open for information, collaboration, and new contacts.
  • In a single platform:  get updates on industry news; discover new innovations and gain niche knowledge leading to business opportunities.
  • Staged in Binh Duong, Bac Ninh in the heart of the industrial zone, the exhibition is a good platform to find and secure opportunities in Vietnam.  It attracts key players from Manufacturing, Supporting Industry and General industry.

Be Part Of The Event That Everyone Wants To Visit!

Here are just a few reasons why you should exhibit at the VIAF 2023

  • 3 days international exhibition and reach out the the global audience in one single location
  • 3 days high class conference, networking, forums and technical seminars with influential and experts speaker
  • Extensive and showcase range of your latest products and technologies
  • Raise your company/brand profile as the market leader
  • An ideal platform for meeting your targeted buyer and generate new business delegates & visitors, govt. authorities, industrial associations, international trade consulates, etc
  • Build relationships, develop new markets and forge partnerships with highly qualified visitors and key-decision makers
  • Organized by OMG Events Management, a leading exhibition organizer on series of industrial and oil & gas exhibitions, conferences and roadshows in the southeast asia region. We deliver more business opportunities and more value
  • Meet up to 10.000 key visitors and more than 500 conference delegates


VIAF is on a mission to upgrade various local recipient industries. The intention is to introduce know-how & technologies that lead to efficiency, cost savings and increased productivity. Taking directions from the industry 4.0 phenomenon we encourage Industrial digitization of the process/production value chain. In this edition, Special emphasis is given to showcase innovations in:

  • Bolt-on Upgrade modules

Bolt on upgrade modules refers to: A low cost, stage 1 method of digitizing. For example: Utilizing Industrial Internet of things technology; Equipping sensors to existing machines/production systems such that digital information can be collected, compiled and analysed to monitor & plan meaningful outcomes.

During the exhibition a dedicated press office offers the opportunity to get your message across to attending members of the press. So, if you have an announcement to make at the show, if you're launching a new product or have an interesting promotion you'd like to market in the run up to the event contact to organizer for helping.

VIAF 2023 is targeting at Visitors from the Manufacturing, Subcontracting, Engineering Services, Machine Makers, System Integrator and Industrial Equipment Suppliers and covering one of the biggest industries in Vietnam




The International Conference will bring together local and international expert speakers who will share insights and interact with the audience focus on:

  • Connected Manufacturing including IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City and Smart Controlling Systems
  • Robotics And Vision Systems
  • New Energy Technology
  • Discussion on investment policy, trade promotion at the exhibition

Connected Manufacturing Conference will bring together insights of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing from leading experts and high ranking speakers from business and science to present and discuss core elements of Connected Manufacturing. One focus question will be, how Connected Manufacturing can best contribute to increasing economic competitiveness in manufacturing process and automation. With Factory Automation, manufacturers and industrial companies can build one common, converged, and rugged plant-to-business network.

At the coming VIAF 2023, we are hosting presentation and dialogues at Connected Manufacturing Conference to bring together leading experts and high ranking speakers from business and science to present and discuss core elements of connected automation for industries. One focus question will be, how Connected Manufacturing can best contribute to increasing economic competitiveness in manufacturing automation.

  • Connect factory automation and control systems to IT systems with standards-based IP-networking
  • Improve operational efficiency and cut costs with highly secure remote access Speed response time to issues on the plant floor
  • Mitigate risks by improving network uptime and equipment availability
  • Protect critical manufacturing assets with industry-leading security features
  • Preventive maintenance-enabled to eliminate production downturn
  • Internet of Services

Robotic and Vision Systems Conference

Vision and robotics play a vital role in today’s Automation world. Robotics and Vision Systems Conference Fiesta provides the platform for the latest advancement in robotics, vision systems and automation technology to be introduced in an extensive seminar program for speakers to present their projects, and workshops for the interested users to learn and hands on about technology of robotics and machine vision systems.




meet with greater


June 21, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Ms. Lê Thị Lan Anh
Business Development Manager


June 21, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Mr. Nguyễn Đình Trung
Business Development Manager


June 21, 2023
2:40 PM - 3:25 PM
Mr. Phạm Thanh Hà
CTO of VTI Group


June 21, 2023
3:35 PM - 4:20 PM
Mr. Nguyễn Tuấn Minh
Area Sales Manager


June 22, 2023
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Ms. Sally Chuen
Assistant General Manager


June 22, 2023
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh
Account Manager


June 22, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Mr. Jian Yang & Mr. Mike Huang
Market Develop Manage


June 22, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Mr. Hồ Trung Kiên
Head of Office Services


June 23, 2023
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Mr. Nguyễn Huỳnh Bá Luân



Take place in concurrently with the exhibition, there are some program like Business Matching, Conference, Live Demo, Robot Performances, Buyer Zone and other trade promotion and related business supporting activities


Topic of conference at VIAF 2023 will talk about:

  • Connected Manufacturing including IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City and Smart Controlling Systems
  • Robotics And Vision Systems
  • New Energy Technology
  • Discussion on investment policy, trade promotion at the exhibition


Business Matching is a customized suite of integrated matching services dedicated to help exhibitors to identify and screen potential customers and business partners in Vietnam

Business Matching offers to exhibitors exclusive opportunities to connect with top level buyers from all over the world, as well as for trade buyers to find suppliers at the 3-day exhibition by previewing target suppliers/buyers’ profile and per-scheduling onsite meetings efficiently. With this service, you will get the chance to extend your professional network and seek out new business alliances and suppliers from around the world.


Showcasing product innovations from leading industry players and provide perfect opportunities. It will bring lively the practical experiences of modern machineries, technologies in a single place or at exhibitor’s booths during 3 exhibition day.


Confirmed exhibitors under RAV-Robotic Automation Vietnam area will have the opportunity to bring the most modern robots to the robot demonstration area to introduce and promote according to the pre-scheduled from the organizers. This is a very meaningful activity at the exhibition to attract visitors and promote the development of the robotics industry in Vietnam.


VIAF will reserve an area that brings together groups of BUYERS from Manufacturing, Contractors, Subcontracting, Engineering Services, End users, Machine Makers, System Integrators, Industrial Projects, and Industrial Equipment Suppliers so that businesses have the opportunity to directly meet, catch up trends, enhance competitiveness in the market…



Drive Sales, Build Networks And Learn

Visitors attend our exhibitions for three key reasons; to source new products and drive sales, to meet new contacts and build networks, and to learn.

Updates on new technology and delegated services: automation technology on Industry 4.0, Industrial internet of things and smart factory, 3D design & print technology, machinery & tools, contract manufacturing, machine makers, systems integrator and project consultants

Network with your peers from across the country and around the world: more than 250 exhibitors and exhibiting brands from Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, UK, Korea, Portugal, France, Spain, Czech, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Malaysia and many more.

Speak to the experts and gain technical insights - not just a sales pitch

Test drive the latest products and experience live demonstrations: highlighting european technology- a section of special attractions on Technology, Equipment, Supplies and Services from Euro and its affiliated companies at the exhibition.

Upgrade your skills, knowledge and on-the-job effectiveness

Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners: meet & match session- B2B meeting with facilities provided for business discussion will be per-scheduled

Engage with your industry community locally and globally

Stay up-to-date with emerging or changing trends

Get expert advice on the specific challenges faced by your business

Enjoy special services before & during exhibition: free shuttle bus, daily lucky draws, special gift, exclusive lunch

♦ free shuttle bus have to register before 1st April 2023

♦ special gifts have to register before 1st April 2023. Only for per-registered visitors from factories and engineering companies (gifts are subject to availability. please print out and present at the exhibitions registration counter after you have per-registered online

♦ daily lucky draw: 10 lucky winners at 3.00 pm daily

♦ exclusive lunch have to register before 1st April 2023. Lunch provided for approved VIP visitors by organizer from these industrial zones (lunch is subject to availability and approval from organizer. You will receive a confirmation email and letter from the organizer for this exclusive lunch offer)


Aerospace ♦ Architecture ♦ Automation Integrators ♦ Automotive ♦ Automotive Assembly and Manufacturing ♦ Automotive/Auto-Supply ♦ Buying / Procurement Services ♦ Cement ♦ Chemical ♦ Consumer Product (process factories) ♦ Consumer Products ♦ Manufacturing ♦ Cosmetics ♦ Dental♦ Design & Consultancy Services ♦ Director / Owner ♦ Education ♦ Electrical & Electronics ♦ Electrical / Electronics Manufacturing ♦ Energy, Power & Utilities ♦ Engineer ♦ Engineering & Contracting ♦ Engineering Technologist ♦ Equipment Manufacturing ♦ Feed mill ♦ Fertilizer ♦ Food & Beverage (process factories) ♦ Glass Manufacturing ♦ Industrial Designer ♦ Information/Communications ♦ IT & Telecommunications ♦ Jewellery ♦ Logistics ♦ Machine Manufacturer ♦ Machinery Manufacturing ♦ Manufacturing ♦ Material Handling ♦ Mechanical Engineer  ♦ Medical ♦ Metal-Processing ♦ Metalworking ♦ Military ♦ Mining ♦ Offshore, Boat & Marine ♦ Oil & Gas ♦ Chemical Processing ♦ Packaging ♦ Paper & Printing ♦ Petrochemical ♦ Pharmaceutical & Medical ♦ Plastics & Rubber ♦ Precision Engineering ♦ Supporting Industries ♦ Product Designer ♦ Renewable Energy ♦ Research & Development ♦ Rubber & Plastic Products Manufacturing ♦ Rubber (process factories only) ♦ Semiconductors ♦ Shipbuilding & Repair ♦ Steel Mill ♦ Subcontract Manufacturing ♦ Technology Evangelists ♦ Telecommunication ♦ Tools, Die & Molds Manufacturing ♦ Trade Association /Government Agency ♦ Water Treatment & Sewage ♦ Wood-Processing Industry


  • Updates on Technologies on Industrial Equipment, Machinery, Automation & Integration, 3D Print Technologies, Contract Manufacturing, Engineering Supplies and many more.
  • 10 Luck Draw Winners Daily.
  • More than 500 Gifts for Online Registration by Visitors from Factories and Engineering companies.
  • Shuttle Bus Services & Group Visitor Companies: We provide FREE Shuttle Bus services for group visitor companies and individuals. Groups are defined as more than 10 people from one organization wishing to visit the exhibition. Complimentary pick-up services can be arranged from your company, taking you directly to exhibition Hall.
  • Biennial (2 Years Once) Exhibition in Binh Duong. Do not miss out.
  • Buyer Programme: Created specifically to facilitate business matching at the show, our Buyers Programme is effective platforms for top qualify buyers from the procurement, purchasing and supply chain management divisions within the electronic sectors to meet with our exhibitors on a per-scheduled, one-on-one basis.
  • FREE Conference Passes for Visitors from Manufacturers (Plants/Factories), Engineering, Projects and Consultant companies.
  • Lunch provided for Online Registration of Visitors from Factories and Engineering companies


  •  Distributors, Representative agents & Traders
  •  Energy, Power & Utilities
  •  Factory Operations Manager
  •  Import & Export Department
  •  Infrastructure Industry Management
  •  Innovation Division Manager
  •  Innovations and design Manager
  •  Logistics Industry Management
  •  Logistics, Facilitation and Warehousing Manager
  •  Maintenance/ Service Manager
  •  Manufacturing Industry Management


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Register for VIAF - Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta

For more information about the Single Pre-Registration, please contact us at +84 28 66861210 or email to Mobile: + 84 28 3517 0214


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