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Customized Service

If you don’t have much time to plan your trade fair presentation or are making your debut at VIAF, you should consider our special offer. Our VIAF Packages provide a wide range of services and benefits, including stand construction and services.


Our service offers you functions for initiating contact and interacting with exhibitors and other visitors at VIAF.

You can enable or disable your own visibility to others as you wish.

  • Set up your public profile with interests and contact goals.
  • Use the search function and get suggestions for suitable contacts
  • You can specifically identify exhibitor contacts or search for companies.
  • Targeted search for new business contacts

Safe, flexible, and timesaving: let us handle your technical and logistics needs – with our extensive experience and professional service partners. We have specialists in every trade.

Vendor partner pricing : Download

Striving for a professional exhibit at the trade fair? We have a huge selection of stands and fixtures/furnishings to help you customize your stand/exhibits. Count on our expertise!




Take advantage of our targeted advertising options to highlight yourself in the trade fair environment and promote brand recognition.

Logo on all event promotional artwork and website
A post in a prominent position on the event’s website
An advertising space in an e-mail marketing campaign
Tailor-made for your business to potential customers
4-Newspaper Advertising
The content of business will be integrated into the press content of the exhibition
5- Television Ads
Business’s 30-second TVC in the event’s promotional broadcast
6- Outdoor advertising
In industrial zones
Important roads near the exhibition venue within a radius of 30km

1- Advertising on SHOW GUIDE
Full page advert in the exhibition directory
2- Advertising on Sightseeing Guides
Pointed to the booth space
3- Standee display
Placing at conference room, registration area
Outside and inside the welcome area
4- Hanging Banners
1.5mWx2mH walkway in the exhibition for 3 days
5- Advertising Backdrop
4mWx3mH at the outside of exhibition during 3 days ( Or custom size )
6- Landyard & Badge for Visitor
Printed logo and website on the landyard and Bagdge
7- Area refreshment
Recognited Sponsor logo and name on backdrop
Showcase at sticked marketing material zone.
8- Delegate Bags
( For Exhibitors and Visitors )
Logo and company name printed on one side of the bag
9- Conference
Place standee/poster/slot presentation
10- Business Matching
Connect with targeted customers on demand Target business audience
11- Newspaper AdS
The content of business will be integrated into the marketing content of the exhibition
12- Television Ads
Short TV ads on any appointed TV chanel.
30s interview for exhibitors right at the exhibition

1- EDM – Thank you letter
Tailor-made for your business to potential customers
2- List of contacts visitors to the show
Manager & Above positions

On the VIAF 2023 website, all exhibitors are listed in the online exhibitor directory. Complete your digital exhibitor profile!




Contact the press, get targeted placement in trade journals, and more. Choose from a broad range of services to optimize displays and draw the attention of the media. Control the dissemination of information to bolster your image as an exhibitor.




You have a multitude of opportunities at the event to contact your target group. We can assist you with anything you need to manage leads, win customers, and generate new business.





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Exhibition Activities​

  • Seminar & Conference
  • Industries 4.0 Zone
  • Innovation Zone
  • Buyer Zone
  • Business Matching
  • The Connection Zone
  • Product Showcase Bazaar
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